Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I See You Drivin' 'Round Town With the Girl I Love, and I'm Like...

...fffunnel cake you.

Even with two weeks to work on it, I still couldn't get this done yesterday. Better never than late... No, wait, I mean.. Ah, whatever, it's done now!

Back to the subject at hand, Peter Pan's a big douche, amiright?! Whenever we see him in a parade, he has Tink in a lantern and is waving her around all like, "Ha ha I have Tinker Bell and you don't!" He thinks he's better than me?! And why the heck would he keep her locked in a lantern anyway?! Wanker.

But he can't bug me anymore cuz we're back home, and back to decent Internet access. We arrived Saturday, but it already seems like forever ago, which may be a good thing cuz that means the manic depression that comes with leaving Disney World goes away quickly. Now on to last minute Christmas shopping and planning next years trip.

(In case you live under a rock, the title is from this.)