Monday, September 27, 2010

Comic Book Cover Character Ink Progress

*Mild applause, some guy coughs*

Here's what little bit I got done with the character inks on this project. As I've said, it takes me forever to get decent muscle placement, plus I got a commission from a relative that's jumped to the top of my Stuff to Draw list. So I got about three hours of work done in one week.

I was pleasantly surprised with how the guys robo arm came out. I want it to have a metal sheen, but the parts that are supposed to be highlights also kinda look like bubbles, as if his arm is made out of some kinda liquid in a clear casing, which might be more interesting. I'll hafta see what I can do with it when I get to the coloring stage.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Comic Book Cover Background Ink

Might as well put in the bat symbol spotlight.

Didn't get much finished last week. But since I feel that I should have something to show both my readers every Monday, here's this thing. I tried to make it a habit to not use the Photoshop shift click trick too much, as I wanted the lines to look rough as if it were actually inked.

The buildings toward the back don't have much detail. I figured I shouldn't waste too much time on them since the characters would cover up most of them.

That, or I'm lazy.

Probably lazy.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


But probably not the Belle you were looking for.

Another sketch of one of the characters in the Scary School pic. She's a little ghost who's name is Belle, and she has a bell! HA!! You see what I did there?

She was created mostly cuz I wanted a cutesy little mascot for the group. Story wise, even the gang doesn't know her origin or how she died because she doesn't talk, either because she can't or chooses not to.

I remember when I first started thinking about her design that I wanted to her to have a cut noose around her neck, but I figured that be a little much, and it also implies that her death was caused by suicide, which I don't like for her character.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Comic Book Cover Sketch

I actually burned a hole in the paper.

Well, this project is gonna take even longer than I thought. Maybe as long as it took me to do the Scary School piece. Like I said before, I'm not used to drawing muscular hero types, so it takes me forever to get them to look right.

In the last post on this project, I had a sketch of the main villain who's head was gonna inexplicably be floating in the sky, but I decided against that. I figured I should try to draw it as a professional would, with about 2 inches worth of free space at the top where the comic title would go. Idano if I'll actually make a title for this fake cover or not. I gotta think of a name first.

Hmm... Based on the art, it's a comic full of these heroes knocking the f**k out these typical henchmen guys... So how about calling it STFU? ...Nah...

GTFO? ...Meh...

I Hate You, You're Ugly, and I'm Gonna Punch You? ...Maybe...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bob & Tom: General Static Contest FAIL

But my mom says it's the best!

Okay, so I didn't make the finals in the Bob & Tom CD art contest I mentioned earlier...

Oh well, at least that means I can do a proper post on it. It's the typical drill sergeant yelling at the troops thing, which may be why I didn't make the cut, as that's pretty typical for army themed stuff. For those not familiar with the radio show, Bob is the general yelling in Tom's face, with Kristi Lee to his left and Chick McGee on the right.

And while we're on the subject, go ahead to the art contest web page and vote for your favorite. I think number 4 is best of the bunch.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Comic Book Cover Characters

Grimaces and steroids.

For my next project, I wanna do artwork for a fake comic book cover. No problem I figured, but then I realized I had to work out the look of the characters first. Then while doing that, I realized I'm still not so great at drawing muscular super hero type characters, so it took me much longer than I would've wanted to. As you can see, the design isn't anything terribly original (the main guy has the Superboy look), but it took me a while just to get the correct muscle placement. I have to constantly look at references to make them right.

I also didn't really bother with names, with the heroes simply being called One, Two, and Three. I gave each of them cybernetic body parts to give me a reason to do a shiny metal render when I color it, so maybe they're experiments who's creator didn't care for them enough to give them proper names. ...Sounds like me! HA!

Then we have the masked produce henchmen who have very little detail on them, since I'll have to draw a bunch of them on the cover, and the main villain, who of which I may super impose on the sky looking menacingly down upon the heroes or the reader. If I have room for him, that is.

These may not be the final looks. I don't like Two's eyes very much, and I might change the villain's hair style to something more... idano... villainy. Or maybe not. Whatever happens, happens.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Coming Together 2

Sequel to the hit that nobody saw.

Here's the claymation sequel to that other animated short I did in college. This one was, surprisingly, for a ceramics class. I originally was gonna do it in 3D, but then discovered that would pretty much impossible, seeing as Red and Yellow have floating limbs that aren't actually connected to the body.

Although clay is a little messier, I liked it more than paper cut outs as a medium, as it let me do the free form blob and add squash and stretch effects to Red and Yellow.

Now I gotta learn how to use Flash to make this into a trilogy.

If you'd like a bigger screen, here it is on Youtube.