Monday, March 30, 2009

Snow, Man

Dirtman. Hm. Sounds like a Mega Man boss.

I know the snow in Animal Crossing has been gone for a while now (on February 25th, it disappears all instantaneous like), but I figured all the stuff that happened in the previous comics would happen in one day.

You may have noticed with the DS and Jack Skelington sweaters that I try not to give my Animal Crossing comic self designs that originated from the game. Since it promotes creating your own designs, I figure I'd draw clothing artwork that I've made or would make in the game, which is obviously fan art of other franchises. I'm gonna try to have a different one for each comic, but I'm sure I'll run out of ideas pretty quickly and hate myself for even attempting.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Bees, Part 2

Wait, didn't I hear this joke on The Simpsons?

You know what? I lied when I said bees were the only protagonists in Animal Crossing. I forgot about the tarantulas and scorpions. They stare you down before they decide to charge at you and f**k up your s**t. Heck, if they bite or sting you, you actually pass out and reawaken inexplicably in front of your house. Kinda like what happens with Wall Masters. I guess it's a Nintendo thing.

I'm still more scared of bees though. You run into them a lot more and they leave your face horribly mutilated. They must be stopped.

Monday, March 16, 2009


WARNING This comic contains foul language. If you take that kinda stuff seriously, then don't read. If you're like me and you think cursing is juvenile and hilarious, then read away.

Yet another strip written by my brother, then drawn by me as he sits back with his feet on the table and drinks champagne. Too much champagne, apparently. I personally don't get so "confused and angry" about Lost, as I don't make any attempt whatsoever to watch it. I suggest to John that he does the same.

The new guy is Bob. He's... like... fat, and stuff.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Fairer Sex

Not that kind of sex. Perv.

With the exception of that sketch of EVE, this blog is sorta becoming a sausage fest, so I put in a couple of drawings of girls... also in sketch form. I drew these in my little 3.5 x 5 inch sketch book of fun that I bring with me to work.

First one's some curvy gal who's cold, simply cuz it was cold at the time at wherever the hell it is I live. That's about as deep as that gets.

Next is Coraline, cuz Coraline's teh awesome, both her and the movie in general. I assume the book is awesome too, but I never read it, and I'm pretty sure I never will. Whenever a story comes out in different formats, I tend to be biased toward whichever a watch/read first. This is especially the case with Coraline, since I'm even more biased toward animated movies. Even though the book came first, if I read it, I'll be all like, "Meh, the movie's better," and maybe throw the book into the fire.

In this sketch, I made her look somewhat tense, which in the end, I can't tell if I like or not. Even with all the bad stuff that happens to her in the movie, she's quite resilient throughout, which is one reason why I find her character so likable. Maybe I just wanted a reason for her clench her skirt in a cute way like that. Whatever, moving on.

Oh, that cat... feh. I gotta practice drawing animals that aren't anthropomorphic.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Bees, Part 1

The horror.

Ah, Animal Crossing bees. The only adversaries in the game, and maybe the most relentless and unforgiving adversaries in gaming history. They will not bend, they will not break. The only things that will stop their unquenchable thirst for virtual blood are a door or a ridiculously well timed bug net swipe. I pray to God that you are near a door.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Secret Content

Oh! Tom Nook! And he's a tanuki! I get it!

I really wish working for Tom Nook were something you could do for the entire time you play Animal Crossing, rather than just being a short tutorial. You could stop whenever you want if you grow tired of it, then get rehired as many times as you want. Plus, for a veteran like me who always wants to see new stuff, being a gofer (the title, not the animal) for Tom could open a bunch of new stuff for Nintendo to mess with it they went beyond the simple mail this letter, plant these flowers, etc kind of tasks.

But I don't wanna put up new shingles. Motion controls do not make hammering fun.