Monday, January 25, 2010

Birthday Gift Glitch, Part Six

You must bring him... A SHRUBBERY!

Good ol' Rover! He'll fix this problem! Maybe.

I've always thought of Rover as a somewhat omniscient being in Animal Crossing. He's the first animal a player talks to when they start the game and asks you questions about you're upcoming town (thus arguably creating it), and he greets every player every time they boot up the game afterward. So I imagine him not knowing about everything everywhere that has and will happen in the Animal Crossing universe, but rather knowing 1) that it's a game created by Nintendo, and 2) of every town and every human resident, even if he can't remember their names. And since you can find him in the coffee shop on occasion in the DS version, I also imagine him regularly visiting every town in the world ever created on a regular basis just for the sake of visiting and seeing if there's any problems.

So he's kinda the watchful protector of Animal Crossing. ...Hm... Maybe I should do a comic where he becomes Batman, or Batcat, or whatever.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rusty Cheese

Mice not affiliated with WALL•E or Disney.

This was my last Beginning Sculpture project, wherein we had to some amount of metal welding and cutting. That class was pretty fun, even though I don't have too much interest in sculpture in general. What ever the outcome was, it was enjoyable just messing with the torch and arc welder.

In this one, I got some sheets of metal, cut em', and welded them together to make a big piece of steel cheese. The mice were an after thought, after I found some super old Mac computer mice that my Dad was holding onto for no apparent reason.

See?! They're mice! In both senses of the word! You see what I did thar?

Here's some other shots:

Monday, January 18, 2010

Lens Flare: The Movie

It's continuing mission: to make aware improper set lighting.

Even though he didn't give me a script like he usually does, this was pretty much John's idea. I'm sure everyone who's seen it noticed this, but there is a ridiculous amount of lens flares in the latest Star Trek movie, so much that it's comedic. There's almost more lens flares than there are scenes of Kirk being choked.

I woulda made this sooner, but my dad got the Star Trek DVD, not I. And I'm not gonna break open his DVD to pick out scenes to reference, so I had to wait until he opened it himself to watch it. And when I say he opened it, I mean Mom did.

Here's a version without the flares in case you're dying to see all the art and dialogue, but that kinda defeats the purpose:

I've never done Star Trek drawings before, so I sketched them out before hand. Since I ain't that good a caricatures, I normally go back and forth with John when I draw actors or other celebrities to get them right. But I didn't do it this time, only cuz of laziness. If you can't tell who's who, Spock has the pointy ears and Bones has the cringed face, cuz Bones is at his best when he has that kinda face.

Now, on to make "Kirk gets Chocked: The Movie."

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Shoulda got Space Filler to sit at the bottom of the page.

Another somewhat old sketch, this time a girl who's been chibi-ified, or whatever the term is for making something especially simple and cutesy.

I think this is one of the first sketches where I started to draw really thick outlines. Just in case you wanted to know.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Birthday Gift Glitch, Part Five

I totally gapped Hopper's house and didn't even biff.

This makes me wish Animal Crossing had sports other than fishing and bug catching contests. Snow boarding probably won't work cuz the hills are pretty beat, but somethin' like soccer or anything that involves a ball might be fun. I guess you could kick the snow balls around. Just don't kick them against a tree. Or a river. Or another snowball. Or off a cliff.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Birthday Gift Glitch, Part Four

Whose responsible this?!

Elise is one of those diva characters. There doesn't seem to be any that I like, so my town has cycled through quite a few of them. Right now, there's this duck that wears fake eyelashes. I think. She may have moved by now.

I've seen in the player's guide that there's a ninja bunny. His name is Snake. I haven't met him, but I already know he's awesome.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Time Teddy

These paintings were for my Intermediate Painting I class, specifically a project where time had to be some noticeable factor. I decided to to a teddy bear going through it's paces for some reason. You know me, I usually don't do stuff that has some sort of deep meaning to me, just whatever may seem fun or interesting.

This first one just shows it normally. Maybe belongs to a boy due to all the blue.

Here it is years later, ragged and whatnot. In the attic, maybe.

And here it is another few years later, patched up again. Maybe belongs to a girl cuz of the pink. Could be previous owner's daughter. ...Maybe.

In the last one, it's left eye is supposed to be a bit bluer than the other to imply a new one was sewn in to replace the one that was hanging off in the previous painting. Didn't come out to well in these photos. Painting fail.

Also, perspective cropping in Photoshop is awesome.