Monday, January 25, 2010

Birthday Gift Glitch, Part Six

You must bring him... A SHRUBBERY!

Good ol' Rover! He'll fix this problem! Maybe.

I've always thought of Rover as a somewhat omniscient being in Animal Crossing. He's the first animal a player talks to when they start the game and asks you questions about you're upcoming town (thus arguably creating it), and he greets every player every time they boot up the game afterward. So I imagine him not knowing about everything everywhere that has and will happen in the Animal Crossing universe, but rather knowing 1) that it's a game created by Nintendo, and 2) of every town and every human resident, even if he can't remember their names. And since you can find him in the coffee shop on occasion in the DS version, I also imagine him regularly visiting every town in the world ever created on a regular basis just for the sake of visiting and seeing if there's any problems.

So he's kinda the watchful protector of Animal Crossing. ...Hm... Maybe I should do a comic where he becomes Batman, or Batcat, or whatever.

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