Monday, October 29, 2012

Animal Crossing Foreclosed Title

Music to Tom Nook's ears.

Here's the title for a six page Animal Crossing comic I'm working on. I wanted to practice what I've learned so far in comic writing, but I didn't want my very first attempt to be for Reason and co.'s universe (which is what I'm learning to write for in the first place).

As for why I decided to make it an Animal Crossing comic, there's two reasons. One: I figured it would take slightly less time to make, since I'm using already designed characters and settings that I've drawn plenty of times before, and two: I'm going to make it a semi-conclusion to the comic strips I've been doing for a while. I still might make more in the future (especially when I get into the next one), but it wouldn't be very often now that I'm working on my own comic.

Side note: you'll notice the title is black and white, which is what the comic will be. It takes me forever just to make a colored strip, so I'm certainly not gonna do it for a six page comic. At least not at first.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tink sketch

Another ever so slightly risqué Tinker Bell drawing, this one from 2010 in my pocket sketch book.

Somewhat related topic, I noticed in what little bit I've seen in the straight to DVD Tinker Bell movies that Disney slimmed down her hips quite a bit, at least as compared to her design in Peter Pan.

So Disney said she's fat.  Well, I ain't down with that.