Monday, October 29, 2012

Animal Crossing Foreclosed Title

Music to Tom Nook's ears.

Here's the title for a six page Animal Crossing comic I'm working on. I wanted to practice what I've learned so far in comic writing, but I didn't want my very first attempt to be for Reason and co.'s universe (which is what I'm learning to write for in the first place).

As for why I decided to make it an Animal Crossing comic, there's two reasons. One: I figured it would take slightly less time to make, since I'm using already designed characters and settings that I've drawn plenty of times before, and two: I'm going to make it a semi-conclusion to the comic strips I've been doing for a while. I still might make more in the future (especially when I get into the next one), but it wouldn't be very often now that I'm working on my own comic.

Side note: you'll notice the title is black and white, which is what the comic will be. It takes me forever just to make a colored strip, so I'm certainly not gonna do it for a six page comic. At least not at first.

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