Monday, January 17, 2011

Shiina and David

A g-g-g-GIRL!

More sketches of a couple of characters in my Scary School drawing.

The girl is Shiina, which is a name I really don't like anymore. I want her to be Asian, and thus an asian name, but I can't remember why I chose the name Shiina specifically. What's another good Asian name? Anyway, she's the f*cking serious one of the group, rarely showing a great amount of emotion

The ghost that hangs out in her backpack is David, named after a friend from high school. He's is not the f*cking serious one of the group, but rather the f*cking crazy one. But he's funny crazy, not evil crazy. I imagine most of the comic relief coming from him, mostly by picking on Reason, who is, unlike the rest of the group, not used to the whole paranormal stuff and is scared easily.

Anyway, these two come in a pair, as some of the comedy comes from them being dead opposites. Despite that, they feel the need to be around each other for some reason that I haven't fleshed out yet. Though David died in his late teens in an insane asylum, he could have dead for a long while, so maybe he was friends with one of Shiina's relatives from a few generations back or something. Idano, I'm just throwing ideas out.

If fighting or a lot of action in general were required in this story, it would come from these two. They both know how to fight (hence Shiina's wooden sword/poor example of forced prospective), and I also had a gimmick idea that I stole from Shaman King where David could posses Shiina or anyone else in the group if they need to fend for themselves and needed to know kung-fu real quick like.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Humanoid EVE

And I'm Humanoid WALL•E. Yes, I am. You shut up.

As I've shown before on this blog, not only do I have an unhealthy crush on Tinker Bell, but also EVE from WALL•E. So I drew this a while back, I guess in some creepy attempt to say it's okay for me to like a robot shaped like an upside down egg.