Sunday, June 6, 2010


But probably not the one you're thinking of.

Here's one of the characters that I'd promised I'd elaborate on from that fancy illustration I've been working on. His name so far is Reason but that could change, as any name or anything else about any character I create is tentative until I think of something better. Reason is one of John's many nicknames, which I stole for this character as his lankiness reminds me of him, and also, out of this particular group of characters, I wanted him to have a name that isn't "normal." I have no idea where John got the title of Reason from, so it's origin could end up being inappropriate for this guy.

Anyway, Reason is the main character, and the eldest of these kids (I guess 17 years old or so). The story starts with him being discovered by the rest of group who've been doing the Ghostbutster's thing for a little while before. They find out he has the sixth sense as they do, and he unwillingly joins them. Each character in the group brings something to the table, and Reason inadvertently becomes the leader. All the paranormal stuff scares him more than the others, but he's brave enough and has a good enough head on his shoulders to overcome it.

And now for the pull. His gloves. I normally put gloves on everything, but for this particular story, I made sure to have him be the only one with gloves, as he's hiding his hands for some reason, particularly his left one. In the little notes of these sketches, I mentioned that he always keeps his left hand in his pocket, but that would be awkward in some situations, so I just dropped that idea and made it so that it's in his pocket most of the time, and when it ain't, he has the gloves. What's he hiding? Is it sinister? I won't tell you. Although I can at least say it's part of the whole paranormal theme, and it's not dry skin.

As is usually the case with older works, I can see some things I don't like in these early sketches. The lines are too angular and the half closed eyes make him look too smug. He often feints nonchalance, but he's not a douche.

...Holy crap, this post is getting long. I'm taking a nap.


Anonymous said...

Nice to read some background about your characters on the school pic :)
In my opinion, he's just
cool! 8)
And I like mysterious secrets about persons... so how do I get to know what is with his left hand?!?

Phillip Craig said...

You hafta wait until I can turn this story into a syndicated cartoon show, and then make sure to watch EVERY episode so you can catch the reveal.