Monday, May 31, 2010

Scary School Character Renderings


Alright, this is starting to come together now, but I still have some stuff left to do. I still want to mess with the lighting and I'll probably give it a slight color cast. Also, the characters aren't quite integrated with the background enough, so I'll need to add shadows and reflections on the floor.

Remember when I said I'd talk about the characters in the last post? I lied. As you may or may not know, I occasionally post stuff from my teeny-tiny 3.5x5 inch sketchbooks. I have some sketches of these guys, so I'll wait until I get around to posting those to go into greater detail about them.

I can talk about the zombies, though. I didn't want to do the typical rotting flesh thing, cuz one: I want this to be kid friendly, and two: I just wanted to do something different. What I thought might be interesting is that there's this sentient, evil, tar-like goop that animates the remains of the deceased or whatever else it feels like moving.

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