Monday, July 30, 2012

Reason and Shiina Hairstyles

Cue a montage at the hair salon set to I'm Every Woman.

Not much to show on this post. We've had guests over this past week, and (I think I've talked about this before) I can't help but feel that I'm being a rude host if I hold myself up at my computer in my room drawing all day like I usually do. So I tried to find something relatively simple to work on.

I've wanted to change Reason's hair for a while now. Not because I don't like it, but rather because there are some popular characters that have a similar style. Now that I'm gonna give him a new do, I think a simple part or something else low maintenance would be the best way to go. Thanks to him being super tall and lanky, he would like to bring less attention to himself, so something crazy that requires tons of hair gel wouldn't suit him. He'll still have the bit of premature white hair though.

As for Shiina, I just wanted to see what she'd look like with shorter hair (I find short hair cuts to be super cute on girls). I'm digging the styles that cover a lot of her face, but not the side that the scar is on, as if she's proud of it and is showing it off like a badge.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Odd Jobs No.9: Beauty Consultant

Yes it will, Precious, we'll get the hose!

I got an idea for a possible series of comic strips about my attempts on finding a new job. Even if it isn't art related, I apply any job that's better than a dinky bowling alley (which is pretty much anything), and I'm trying to think of funny ways that my ineptitude (and love of movies) could quickly make me lose said jobs. Though really, such a thing would be better than what's happening in real life, as that means businesses would actually be hiring. I haven't got an idea for another odd job yet, so if this does become a series of strips, it won't be one right after the other.

BONUS! I usually don't post what little preliminary sketches I do for comic strips, but cute girl and Precious, so, like, why not?:

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bullet Bill Cap

Your welcome, Nintendo.

A couple of drawings I made in my pocket sketch book after my second cousin Nicholas (the same one I made that Super Mario Bros. illustration for) came up with a rather cool idea for a Mario power-up. While playing with some little Mario toys that I wish I had, he put a Bullet Bill on top of Luigi's head and said, "Look, a Bullet Bill cap!" Would that not be an awesome thing to have in an actual Mario game? It could be like the jet power-up from Wario Land.

Seriously, Nintendo, just send us a check already.