Friday, October 31, 2008

Hardcore nudity

For once, a valid reason for me not to wear a costume on Halloween.

HA! Cuz, I'm, like, in my fifth year!... And stuff. Maybe I should make Super Senior a reoccurring thing, and I could make that talking squirrel a sidekick. But what would his super hero name be? It's gotta be college related... Frat Boy? Fresh Man? Idano. I've lost interest now.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

John begins

Man, brothers can go gangster at any moment... wait, why does that sound familiar?

My brother's birthday is tomorrow, which is just a coincidence, as I made this comic two weeks in advance and didn't even think about that. But I tell anyone who asks that I did it on purpose, cuz I'm attentive like that. If your reading this, John, happy birthday, and I'll have your money by next week, I swear.

Oh wait, I just noticed this blog is up to date with my current comics, which I guess means updates will be once a week. Unless I log on just to rap about current events like most bloggers. PERHAPS.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hitler pwn3d

Um... ew?

I'm really glad I never beat the original Bionic Commando when my brother and I had it for the NES several hundred years ago. That Hitler death animation woulda traumatized me for life. If Nintendo had to take out the blood in the SNES Mortal Kombat, why wouldn't they care about a detailed head explosion?! Regardless, the brand new Commando game coming out better have some sorta bloody dictator noggin nuking. Maybe they could resurrect King George III, and Commando would hafta stop him to stop his tea taxes or... something.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Spidey sense

Wait, didn't I hear this joke on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?

Don't ya hate it when a sculpture class only has one welder? Everyone needs to use it, so then a waiting list starts, and you have to wait thirty minutes to do five minutes worth of metal welding. Yes, I'm prattling. Their isn't much to say about this comic, so I'll just use this post to register my disgust on the Internet, which is, apparently, what you're supposed to do on these blog dealies.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hit everything

HA! Shuttlecock! I can think of at least two reasons why that's a funnier thing to hit with a racket than a tennis ball!

As time goes on, I may start putting up stuff other than these comics. I've got some smudgy sketches I've been doing for God knows how long, as well as some more artsy-fartsy stuff I've been making in my art classes that are fairly interesting, hence this blog's title.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pay up

Man, those squirrels can go gangster at any moment.

You may notice a lack of color in this stuff. I've only very recently started using Photoshop, and I haven't got much farther than learning digital inking. I guess I could just paint bucket everything, but I don't wanna start coloring until I'm reasonably experienced in all the different tools (magic wand, blending, so on and so forth).

Thursday, October 23, 2008

One more thing.

If anyone gives a crap, I have a Twitter account:

If you visit, take a look at shirotakun's account. He has one of those woven ninja hats, and is therefore AWESOME.

Heavy 360

Oh wait, I guess I should post one of these comics I was talking about.

I wish I could post this thing so you don't have to click on it to see it full size, but it takes too long to load a large image, and I'm too impatient and hungry. I've got a few of these comics backed up, so I guess I'll load at least one a day until the blog is caught up with my current work.

Seriously, why's the 360 so heavy? Is it to prevent theft? Or maybe it's to be used as a blunt object to cause head trauma in case you're there during the theft?

Don't try to think too hard about the squirrel. I don't know much more about him than you do.

Hello? Is this thing on?

Hi. I'm Phillip. And I like to draw. So I figure I could start a blog page so others could see my drawings. Being specific, I started doing a simple (and I mean SIMPLE) weekly comic strip at the beginning of this fall 08 semester, and right now, the only ones who see it are my fellow floormates in my dormitory. I guess a few more people will be able to read them if they're online. How wide is the web anyway?

If you don't like my stuff, feel free not to look, and I sincerely apologize. If you do like my stuff, I unconditionally love you.