Monday, April 26, 2010

Scary School Sketch

Scary school is scary. Zombies don't help either.

This is a sketch I've been working on with plans to make it a pretty detailed CG image, to take a break from the comics and to make and illustration with these weird group of characters that I've messed around with for a couple of years. I was taking my sweet time to get a good composition, and it'll take me even longer to put it through it's paces in Photoshop, so this will be something I'll be working on for a good few weeks. In fact, seeing as I've just started a comic for next week, it'll take even longer to finish since I'll do other things if they come to mind. It must be nice to do this kind of stuff for a living to have harsh deadlines and promise of pay as "motivation" to get it done quicker. That, and not working at a bowling alley as a day job.

I ain't hatin' on bowling alleys though. Nice job to have while working to get a more relevant one.

Anyway, on this image, I'm gonna focus a lot on the background. I'd like to make it more painterly and avoid using flat colors as I usually do for the comics. Let's see what happens. Fingers crossed!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Paint Guys Begin, Part 1

Here's what I did for my first Design project, where we had to make small designs on small panels with cut paper. The theme was some kind of a faux commission, where the designs were for some sort of child education promotion thing. I obviously don't remember the details, but for every panel we were given a title with a child theme that we had to work with.

Anyway, in this very first project I created these Paint Guys. I call them that as the original idea was they magically came to be after you make big paint drops come together to form a simple, cartoony figure (if the figure part ain't quite coming through to you, watch this animation dealie). I love these little guys. They're probably the most interesting (certainly the most original) things I ever created. I used them in other projects in almost every class I had throughout college. In other words, I'm super proud of them.

There were quite a few of these, so I'm gonna load them in a series of posts like I did with the alphabet thing. They're in no particular order except for how they came up in the upload images list.

Child Injuries

Child Development and Mass Media

Child Care

Child Advocate

Changing Families

Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday Gift Glitch, Part Thirteen


Well, that took forever. I liked it, though. It's easier to think of jokes when you have a story going rather than thinking of punch lines every week that aren't related to the previous one. I've got other Animal Crossing related arcs in my head, such as creating more human players that are all controlled by me which starts some crazy multiple personality stuff, and visiting the town of someone that uses an AC mod device to make their town and anything/anyone in it all weird and whatnot. Don't know if I'll get to those anytime soon, though.

And now for something completely different.

I've got a more detailed illustration in mind for my next project, and it may take me longer than a week to get it done, so next Monday might just be a progress report with some sketches and whatever I've done up to that point.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthday Gift Glitch, Part Twelve

Punchline! Get it?! HA!

I guess I'll just make every comic end with a punch.

I've started working on the next comic, and I know it'll be the end of this arc. I don't have many Animal Crossing ideas left, so I may back off of them for a while. Or maybe not. I often don't get a new idea until the day I start working on a new one.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Birthday Gift Glitch, Part Eleven

Out of the frying pan...

Okay, I lied in the last post. It'll take me another two comics to finish this arc. Change your schedule accordingly.

And now for something completely the same.

To keep in the theme of the last panel of this comic, I probably shoulda put this drawing of Resetti in there somewhere: