Monday, April 26, 2010

Scary School Sketch

Scary school is scary. Zombies don't help either.

This is a sketch I've been working on with plans to make it a pretty detailed CG image, to take a break from the comics and to make and illustration with these weird group of characters that I've messed around with for a couple of years. I was taking my sweet time to get a good composition, and it'll take me even longer to put it through it's paces in Photoshop, so this will be something I'll be working on for a good few weeks. In fact, seeing as I've just started a comic for next week, it'll take even longer to finish since I'll do other things if they come to mind. It must be nice to do this kind of stuff for a living to have harsh deadlines and promise of pay as "motivation" to get it done quicker. That, and not working at a bowling alley as a day job.

I ain't hatin' on bowling alleys though. Nice job to have while working to get a more relevant one.

Anyway, on this image, I'm gonna focus a lot on the background. I'd like to make it more painterly and avoid using flat colors as I usually do for the comics. Let's see what happens. Fingers crossed!

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