Monday, May 30, 2011

Zombie Bambi's Mom (and Zombie Pheasant)

Warning! These images are rather bloody and gross and in horribly bad taste.

Some more Zombie Disney sketches for a possible future project. I got the queen in Snow White, and going down the list of movies, no one else dies until Bambi's mom is shot in... uh... Bambi. Well, Monstro might've died in Pinnocchio, but that's arguable, so I won't bother with it.

I also drew that no name pheasant that was shot by hunters, which may be an odd choice. I was trying to figure out the rules of who would become zombified, and I decided that as long as the death was memorable (to me at least), it was fair game. So even though the bird only had a small part, I still drew her.

It looks like the next one to die would be Lucifer from Cinderella. I think? Does he die? He falls out the tower window, and then you never see him again. A lot of Disney villains have an implied death by falling, though you never see them hit the ground. I've never seen any of the straight to video Cinderella sequels, is he in those? Seriously, I'm asking. If he's still alive in the other movies, let me know in the comments or on Twitter, if you'd be so kind.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Slippery When Wet

Bon Jovi fans look elsewhere.

Didn't he use to drive a boat? You'd think he'd be used to storms.

Also, I hate drawing vehicles. That is all.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Uh... Thanks...

...Could've done it myself though... Just saying...

Another older sketch from my pocket sketch book. I drew this back when I had the idea that Reason never took his left hand out of his pocket for whatever mysterious reason (you see what I did there?), so Samantha is being nice and cutting his food for him. Cuz, y'know, you need two hands to cut a steak. Although now, I allow him to take his hand out, so this makes less sense.

But I guess I doesn't matter. To anyone else, it just looks like Sammy is taking his food. But she has her own food on her plate! Don't be so silly!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Zombie Evil Queen and (Not Zombie) Tinker Bell

Something old and something hawt.

I realized that, since I've quit working at the bowling alley, I haven't done any sketching simply for the sake of sketching. So here are these things, with no relation to each other (except that they're both form Disney of course).

First is a zombified Evil Queen/Witch from Snow White. For a while now, I've had the idea of a big drawing that has zombie versions of the various Disney animated movie characters that have died. I guess it'll be a Left 4 Dead kind of thing, where a small group of living Disney characters are fighting them off. I figured that, if I can't think of anything else to draw, I could go down the list of deceased characters and see what I can do with them. If possible, I want the Disney Zombies to have some sort of gimmick that's specific to their movie and/or how they died, thus the Queen dragging herself around with the boulder on top of her.

Next is a... uh... study of Tinker Bell. All three of my readers know that I like Tink a little too much, and I haven't drawn her for a while. So here are some poses, including a rather meh attempt at foreshortening on the lower right.

Phillip begins singing "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes."

Monday, May 9, 2011

Comic Book Cover


Well, that took forever. I started this project because I wanted to practice drawing muscular, super hero type figures, as I'm not very good at muscle placement. I do believe that I'm better at it after doing this project than I was before, but it I'm still a bit off. And I didn't want it to take this long either, but quitting one job and looking for another took away some of my free time that I would have used to work on this.

I remember talking about before how I, like actual comic artists, left about two inches of negative space at the top for a title, and that I wasn't sure if I'd actually make one or not. But now, I'm sick enough of this thing that I know I won't bother. I'm ready to move on to something else.

Although I'm not sure what I'll move on too. This piece has been in my head for so long, I haven't thought about what to do next. Perhaps one of those "Will work for food" signs.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Wise guy, huh?!

Here's yet another character from the Scary School universe, though he's not in that actual drawing. I haven't fleshed him out very much, I just wanted an antagonist that wasn't part of the paranormal part of this world. He's a bully from Reason's an co.'s school, but he's more comic relief than an actual threat.

Also, I drew this before I decided to have Reason be the only one to wear gloves. I guess I could've easily changed it, but I was too lazy to erase those black marks before I scanned.

Wait! Not too lazy! Too busy! Yes! Much better.