Sunday, June 20, 2010


...has a sad, apparently.

Here's another character from that scary school drawing. If I remember correctly, I named her after a friend from school (although she usually went by Sammy). I wanted a girls name that was at least three syllables long for some reason, and her name popped into my head first.

Samantha is the second youngest and the smart one of this group of kids that I talked about on Reason's post. She's a bookworm, and has the reserved, shy disposition that usually goes with that type of person. I usually picture her in constant possession of some book, maybe an encyclopedia on the supernatural. If action were required for this story, I guess it could also be a witchcraft spell book, or somethin'. I also imagine her as a possible love interest for Reason, and there could be an on again, off again relationship between them due to him refusing to elaborate on his mysterious left hand of mystery.

On that note, I think of her as being 15 years old, and I said before that Reason is 17. Is a two year age difference too big for a relationship for high school kids?

...OOH, I can talk about their outfits. I wanted them to wear school uniforms, but I didn't want to do the typical japanese sailor outfit. Since a slightly gothic look could go with the supernatural theme, I thought I could give them a made up school uniform design were there's lots of black, like all the kids are going to a funeral. It could also be a good contrast for the ghoulish stuff they deal with, where in they're normal school life is boring and colorless, but they're ghost/monster hunting is hectic and colorful.

...And I swear, I got the idea of the dead being more colorful than the living before I saw Corpse Bride.

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