Monday, June 21, 2010

Phillip Doesn't Heart Macaroni Penguins

How's a slushie gonna borrow a chip? Slushie, is you gonna give a chip back?

Okay, bringing up that drawing that I made for Mayu again makes it seem like I'm tooting my own vuvuzela, but I swear that's not my intention. I just found it funny that that particular drawing and Animal Crossing in general is made to be cute and cuddly, and yet I keep portraying Hopper as being rather boorish and not cuddly. And that's pretty much every Animal Crossing comic I've done, since I usually don't focus on the other neighbors. If only Peanut were in my town to give my comics some much needed class.

I guess Hopper and the other grumpy characters are a bit boorish in the game as well, although I don't ever remember them threatening me with physical violence or belching in my face.

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myacwwdiary said...

LOL! Thanks for involving me into your comic again, Phillip! xDD
And hooray for cranky and grumpy neighbours! I also LOVE them *hugs Hopper mwahahahaha*