Saturday, April 24, 2010

Paint Guys Begin, Part 1

Here's what I did for my first Design project, where we had to make small designs on small panels with cut paper. The theme was some kind of a faux commission, where the designs were for some sort of child education promotion thing. I obviously don't remember the details, but for every panel we were given a title with a child theme that we had to work with.

Anyway, in this very first project I created these Paint Guys. I call them that as the original idea was they magically came to be after you make big paint drops come together to form a simple, cartoony figure (if the figure part ain't quite coming through to you, watch this animation dealie). I love these little guys. They're probably the most interesting (certainly the most original) things I ever created. I used them in other projects in almost every class I had throughout college. In other words, I'm super proud of them.

There were quite a few of these, so I'm gonna load them in a series of posts like I did with the alphabet thing. They're in no particular order except for how they came up in the upload images list.

Child Injuries

Child Development and Mass Media

Child Care

Child Advocate

Changing Families

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