Saturday, June 20, 2009

Eh, Bee, Sees

Next time, won't you sing with me?

I totally forgot about posting stuff I made in college. So here are these things. This is from way back in my Design class I had in my first semester. We had to take pictures of stuff that resembled a letter of the alphabet. We needed every letter, either all lower case or all upper case, all cropping had to be done when the picture was taken, not later on any software, and all "letters" had to be taken as is, as no setup was allowed. In other words, total hell.

But it came out alright in the end. Some are definitely better than others, but there are a few gems. My teacher, Drew, said he found the B to be most interesting of my pictures. I guess I concur.

Since I don't wanna wait forever for all the letters to load, I'm gonna break them up into four posts. I know you're dieing to see the rest of them, but be patient.

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