Sunday, January 3, 2010

Time Teddy

These paintings were for my Intermediate Painting I class, specifically a project where time had to be some noticeable factor. I decided to to a teddy bear going through it's paces for some reason. You know me, I usually don't do stuff that has some sort of deep meaning to me, just whatever may seem fun or interesting.

This first one just shows it normally. Maybe belongs to a boy due to all the blue.

Here it is years later, ragged and whatnot. In the attic, maybe.

And here it is another few years later, patched up again. Maybe belongs to a girl cuz of the pink. Could be previous owner's daughter. ...Maybe.

In the last one, it's left eye is supposed to be a bit bluer than the other to imply a new one was sewn in to replace the one that was hanging off in the previous painting. Didn't come out to well in these photos. Painting fail.

Also, perspective cropping in Photoshop is awesome.

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