Monday, January 18, 2010

Lens Flare: The Movie

It's continuing mission: to make aware improper set lighting.

Even though he didn't give me a script like he usually does, this was pretty much John's idea. I'm sure everyone who's seen it noticed this, but there is a ridiculous amount of lens flares in the latest Star Trek movie, so much that it's comedic. There's almost more lens flares than there are scenes of Kirk being choked.

I woulda made this sooner, but my dad got the Star Trek DVD, not I. And I'm not gonna break open his DVD to pick out scenes to reference, so I had to wait until he opened it himself to watch it. And when I say he opened it, I mean Mom did.

Here's a version without the flares in case you're dying to see all the art and dialogue, but that kinda defeats the purpose:

I've never done Star Trek drawings before, so I sketched them out before hand. Since I ain't that good a caricatures, I normally go back and forth with John when I draw actors or other celebrities to get them right. But I didn't do it this time, only cuz of laziness. If you can't tell who's who, Spock has the pointy ears and Bones has the cringed face, cuz Bones is at his best when he has that kinda face.

Now, on to make "Kirk gets Chocked: The Movie."

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