Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Fairer Sex

Not that kind of sex. Perv.

With the exception of that sketch of EVE, this blog is sorta becoming a sausage fest, so I put in a couple of drawings of girls... also in sketch form. I drew these in my little 3.5 x 5 inch sketch book of fun that I bring with me to work.

First one's some curvy gal who's cold, simply cuz it was cold at the time at wherever the hell it is I live. That's about as deep as that gets.

Next is Coraline, cuz Coraline's teh awesome, both her and the movie in general. I assume the book is awesome too, but I never read it, and I'm pretty sure I never will. Whenever a story comes out in different formats, I tend to be biased toward whichever a watch/read first. This is especially the case with Coraline, since I'm even more biased toward animated movies. Even though the book came first, if I read it, I'll be all like, "Meh, the movie's better," and maybe throw the book into the fire.

In this sketch, I made her look somewhat tense, which in the end, I can't tell if I like or not. Even with all the bad stuff that happens to her in the movie, she's quite resilient throughout, which is one reason why I find her character so likable. Maybe I just wanted a reason for her clench her skirt in a cute way like that. Whatever, moving on.

Oh, that cat... feh. I gotta practice drawing animals that aren't anthropomorphic.

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calicolyst said...

The girl who's cold probably lives approximately in my vicinity, because this place is a frozen wasteland.

Oh wait, she's a cartoon.