Monday, September 6, 2010

Comic Book Cover Characters

Grimaces and steroids.

For my next project, I wanna do artwork for a fake comic book cover. No problem I figured, but then I realized I had to work out the look of the characters first. Then while doing that, I realized I'm still not so great at drawing muscular super hero type characters, so it took me much longer than I would've wanted to. As you can see, the design isn't anything terribly original (the main guy has the Superboy look), but it took me a while just to get the correct muscle placement. I have to constantly look at references to make them right.

I also didn't really bother with names, with the heroes simply being called One, Two, and Three. I gave each of them cybernetic body parts to give me a reason to do a shiny metal render when I color it, so maybe they're experiments who's creator didn't care for them enough to give them proper names. ...Sounds like me! HA!

Then we have the masked produce henchmen who have very little detail on them, since I'll have to draw a bunch of them on the cover, and the main villain, who of which I may super impose on the sky looking menacingly down upon the heroes or the reader. If I have room for him, that is.

These may not be the final looks. I don't like Two's eyes very much, and I might change the villain's hair style to something more... idano... villainy. Or maybe not. Whatever happens, happens.

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