Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Nazis

I just want to make it clear that Dad and I do not condone the action of Nazis, whether they be of the Christmas variety or otherwise. Peace on Earth, but no good will toward Nazis.

Every year, my Dad only asks that I do a drawing for him as a Christmas gift, and every year I begrudgingly comply. I figured I'd make it easy for myself and make this year's drawing one of the regular weekly comics. Which means Dad can't look at this blog until after Christmas, lest he spoil the surprise. Dad, if you're reading this on Christmas day or afterward, Merry Christmas, I love you. If it's before Christmas, you're a dirty rotten liar and I hate you.

And happy holidays to whomever may be reading this blog! Knowing that some people may like my work is the best gift of all!... Well, second best gift, after the new MacBook Pro my parents just got me.

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