Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jade Chan

The "Chan" can be read either as her last name or as the Japanese honorific suffix. It works quite well either way.

Pay no attention to the practice eye in the top left corner.

Okay, we're goin' way back now. It was at least as far back as 2005 when I drew these (again, in my mini sketchbook at work), which seems like several hundred years ago to me.

Does anybody remember Jackie Chan Adventures? That was a d@mn good show. Cartoons based off of real life celebrities have, in my opinion, a bad history (Camp Candy, whatever that MC Hammer show was called). But a few were quite good, namely the more recent Class of 3000 and Jackie Chan adventures.

Anyway, Jade was Jackie's (assumed) fictional niece. She's your typical young, spunky, female cartoon heroine, but I like her the most out of any other characters I can think of that fit that description. Probably cuz of the hoodie. And her hair. Females with short, dark hair always get to me.

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