Monday, June 8, 2009

"Riot of the Blood" Fight


No comic this week, as I was working on this to enter the fan art contest at the King of Fighters XII website. Winning something would be nice, but this was really more of an excuse to make a more detailed Photoshop pic. Not great, but pretty good.

I actually don't know a whole lot about the King of Fighters games, but I do own a few of them, and I know that Iori is awesome. I also know that him and another fighter named Leona can go crazy for whatever reason, and their eyes start glowing and they become all barbaric and whatnot. That seemed interesting enough, so that's what I drew.

Here's the original sketch that I used as the foundation and the line art, which I'm particularly proud of. I thought I would screw it up by adding color.

And finally, here's a big version incase you wanted to see the individual bits of dirt or the bane of my existence, the light gray halo around parts of the line art.


Reason said...

I like that one the mo-mo-mo-most.

Phillip Craig said...

Enscrible your glorious name here!