Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shelby's teh Awesome.

As are the Williams in general.

This is a sketch of an actual person who is a regular at the bowling alley I work at. Her parents are friends with mine (who also work at said bowling alley; it's more or less a family business), as they've been regulars since they were kids. Anyway, one of their youngins, Shelby, got a hold of my mini sketchbook, looked through it, approved, and asked me to draw her. This, my friends, are why kids are the best kind of people in the world. An adult would never ask me to draw them. If an adult sees my work, they say, "Not bad. You should work at that sign place." Yeah. Thanks.

She seemed to like the cutesy anime stuff I drew, so that first one is just a straight up anime-ized portrait, which turned out good except for that dark spot on her left eye. My stupid mechanical pencil for jerks poked a hole through the paper. Then I tried a more cartoony sketch of her actually bowling:

I'm rather proud of how the pose turned out. I've been working at this bowling alley for years, and I still find the bowling pose awkward. Not just in drawing, but in general. The attempt in the sketch ended up being much better than I thought I could do.

I also found out that Shelby's older sister, Stephanie (who is also teh awesome), is quite the artist herself. She drew a quick contour sketch of Dad on a napkin, which I documented rather poorly with my iPhone camera.

Should I go out on a joke? Nah, this post is big enough.

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