Sunday, November 15, 2009

Phillip Meets Mr. DOB

...then he wakes up.

Here's an advanced painting project. We didn't have specific guidelines in that class, and I had always wanted to do a Murakami style painting/drawing with his mascot, Mr. DOB. I asked my teacher if it'd be okay to paint with someone else's style and character, and he said it ain't no thing if I don't claim the style and character as my own. Which I don't. So don't go emailing Murakami saying I took his style. Just consider this fan art.

Anyway, I posted this cuz it'll lead into my next Animal Crossing comic. Mr. DOB tends to have different wonky, phychedelic forms in Murakami's various paintings and sculptures of him, and I figure that he has the power to do that to whatever he feels like doing it to. In the case of this painting, he's doing it to me. I assume it'd hurt like hell, but I'm also shaking hands with a celebrity, so my several mouths are smiling anyway.

What surprise, here's some detail shots:

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