Monday, May 24, 2010

Scary School Characters


Okay, now I've got the base colors of the characters down. I made sure to give the line art and each color it's own layer and mask so I could go back and properly render one without messing up any others. With the line art specifically, I plan to do them the Disney movie way, where the lines are colored, but not the exact same color of the paint, so it's a happy medium between black ink and lineless art that you see in stuff like Samurai Jack.

Speaking of which, here's the line art by itself. I always like the way stuff looks with just the lines for some reason.

I'll save the specifics of the characters in the next post, but the general idea I have for these guys is that there a bunch of school kids of varying ages that do Scooby-Doo type sleuthing of odd paranormal occurrences, except that the paranormal stuff is real and not disgruntled real estate agents in disguise. Also, there's no talking dog. There's friendly ghosts though, such as that straight jacket dude coming out of that girls backpack and the cutesy little one with the bow.

As you can tell, I don't want this to be too serious. I'd like to make something the kids could like.

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