Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gorillaz Evangelist Character Design Contest


The above link will send you right to my entry for the Gorillaz Evangelist art contest. Here's a link to the main page of the contest, which describes what it is they want you to draw. Basically, they want the Evangelist to be the opposing force of their Boogieman villain that's been causing trouble for the band in their latest Plastic Beach chapter. Other than that description, it's pretty open.

I immediately thought of the Boogieman being from Hell and the Evangelist being from heaven, so I thought to make him look like a singer who died famously, and John Lennon fits that bill pretty well. At first, I thought of giving him the Beatles haircut, but that made him look like Austin Powers, so I went with his "hippy" look. That worked out pretty well, as it also gave my design a bit of a Jesus look, which fits right with the heaven and hell thing.

Then again, that along with the leisure suit kinda makes him look like a Bee Gee...

So if you hate the Bee Gees, you can go to the voting page and vote for what you do like. In fact, you can vote for as many different entries as you like.

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