Monday, March 5, 2012

Golden Rod

But not the Pokémon city.

I didn't make those fishing pole parts up, by the way.

I always found Animal Crossing's gold fishing rod and bug net kinda pointless, since you only get them after you've caught every type of fish or insect. Sure, you'll probably do a little fishing or bug hunting afterward, but not enough to reap the benefits that either golden tool gives you. Maybe if you'd get them after filling, say, 75% of either encyclopedia, then you could use them to catch those last few hard to find/catch fish and bugs. At least City Folk let's you find silver versions earlier on.

Maybe the upcoming 3DS version will alleviate this problem. But it almost certainly won't.

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CrazyLittleB_tch said...

I love your Animal Crossing comics so much. I've been browsing on this blog for pretty much an hour or two. I love that you draw yourself. I just really really like your stuff. :) I'm not really sure what else to say. Im not even certain how I got here. :p