Monday, April 30, 2012

Tinker Bell Wardrobe Malfunction and the Darkwingmobile

Don't get too excited. There are no exposed boobs or Justin Timberlake.

Almost everything I draw is a means to an end, as in I plan to put it though it's paces in Photoshop and whatnot to make it all purty, and I often forget that sometimes I have to sketch simply for the sake of sketching. I do that sometimes in my pocket sketch book when I have free time at work, but that doesn't happen often enough. So here are these doodles.

First, I have my obligatory Tinker Bell sketches, wherein, amongst other things, I delve into the horrors of torn clothing. Look how sad she is! That's the whole point, to expose her grief. What did you think it was for?!

Second, I drew what I thought Darkwing Duck's car might look like, if he had one (as far as I know, he only has a motorcycle, a jet, and a rarely used space ship). I'm quite bad at drawing vehicles and machines in general, so I figured I should practice, and Darkwing has been in my head recently thanks to having bought his show on DVD. I'm reasonably pleased with the results, though all I really did was mix DW's previously mentioned jet (the Thunderquack) with the Batmobile.

On that note, do any of my three readers know of a particularly good, step-by-step How To Draw book and/or website on cars, machines, or technology in general? I know there's got to be some rules, like, "A vehicle of this type or purpose should be this many wheels in length" and other such things that I don't know about. If you know of such a book or site, would kindly let me know about it in the comments or on Twitter?

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