Monday, January 5, 2009

Animal Crossing: Pastel Begins

Now in Technicolor!

I've been wanting to do Animal Crossing comics for a long time, since the end of my first year out of my two plus years playing Animal Crossing: Wild World for the DS. But when I heard that a new one was coming out for the Wii, I figured I could wait until I got that so I'd be coming up with ideas just as I was moving into the new town. The characters are memorable to those who play the games, but their personalities aren't too specific, so I can add my own... uh... flair, for the lack of a better word. Plus, there's no strict story or plot I have to follow. And thus starts my Animal Crossing: Pastel comic, Pastel being the name of my town, and loosely referencing the color I now use. I figured as colorful as the game is, now'd be a good enough time as any to finally use color in my Photoshop sessions.

Ooh! I guess I better say this now just in case Nintendo gots some beef with me, and I can say I had it in writing here. Animal Crossing and all related characters and anything else Animal Crossing-esque are all owned and/or copyrighted and/or trademarkded by Nintendo. My comics are purely fan art. I do not claim to ownership to any of this Animal Crossing stuff. So there.

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