Monday, May 4, 2009

Fast Food Franchises Aint S#@*

Headline: Man Yells at Clown

I found out by accident that Tom can go back to previous versions of his shop depending on how you answer a certain question. Does anybody find that useful? I don't see why you wouldn't want to keep the bigger shop with more stuff to buy. And what about Timmy and Tommy? Were they fired because Tom didn't need them in a smaller store? Will I have to go through the rest of my life with this horrible guilt, knowing that because of my answer to Tom's vague question I've put two upstanding tanukis, who've bared no ill will to anyone, out of job, a job that was most likely their only source of income? Will this weeping of burning tears of culpability never cease?

Nah, I'm sure they'll be fine.

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