Monday, May 11, 2009

I Know a Human Boy About Your Age

If he's not sleeping, he's forgetting.

Tortimer, Tom, the Able Sisters. They're in every player's town, yet they have the same name and say and do the same things. Are they all the same person? We can't assume one player's town goes on as if other towns don't exist, because you can travel to other towns. Towns that also have Tortimer, Tom, etc. So are there several of these characters? If so, do they know about their clones living in other towns? If the Tom Nook in my town of Pastel ran into the Tom Nook of Beth's town of Sydney, would they be all like, "Hey good lookin'," and think nothing of it? Or would they be both amazed and terrified that there is a living double of themselves, gather all the other Nooks from all the Animal Crossing towns in the world, and start a horrible Planet of the Tom Nook's?! In my opinion, almost certainly yes.

Phillip runs out the door and screeches away in his car.

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