Monday, August 3, 2009

Believe it or Don't

I heard EPCOT has its own space station orbiting the Earth.

Okay, this obviously isn't exactly what we saw on the Backstage Tour. There really are underground tunnels beneath the Magic Kingdom, but we weren't allowed to see everything there, so there's a lot more than what this comic portrays that I don't know of or have been sworn to secrecy about.

The wall and map were made in Illustrator, hence all the straight lines. This makes the first time I've used it in a comic. I may use it more as I get a better grasp of it with the tutorials.

This'll be my last Disney World themed comic, as we got back home last Saturday. As usual, we didn't wanna leave. Especially Mom, who of which made us go to a Scrapbooking convention on the day we were to start heading back home. She also slashed our own tires while we were there to keep us from traveling.

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