Monday, March 1, 2010

Tow Trucks: Trucks that Tow

Or so I'm told.

No comic this week, as my dad asked me to make a tow truck to put on the website he made for Drumheller's Towing and Recovery. I guess artistic ability is genetic. The truck may or may not be on the site by the time you hit that link.

I gotta feeling he was just humoring me and he'll just throw the image somewhere in there, but it still gives me a reason to try stuff in Illustrator. I made the car cartoony, as I'm not good at drawing realistic mechanical stuff. ...Actually, I'm not that great at drawing anything realistically. I see plenty of realistic stuff every day. I wanna draw stuff you won't see.

Keep in mind he made that site in Canvas. Canvas! Someone already shot that horse. He needs to move on.

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