Sunday, July 3, 2011


Power ties ftw.

It's been a while since I've done a post, and I'm still not done with my current project, so I figured I'd post another old pocket sketchbook drawing. This is a sort of interpretation of Tim from the game Braid, which is one of my favorites. In the game, Tim is seeking "the princess," which based on the purposely vague plot could be his girlfriend, sister, mother or the atomic bomb. Anyway at the end (SPOILER!), what seems to be her escaping her kidnapper ends up actually being her running away from Tim to be rescued. So however you look at the story, it seems that Tim isn't the perfect guy.

So anyway, the way I see it, Tim has been using his time manipulation powers for infinity trying to get this girl he can't have, and the confusing plot is because of Tim himself no longer remembering the specific reasons of why he needs this "princess" and what he did wrong in the first place to make her leave him. So I drew him as rather disheveled and a little mental. Oh, and he's looking at his watch cuz of, you know, the whole time travel thing.

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