Monday, July 18, 2011

Zombie Johnny Appleseed and Zombie Oysters

A suppose there's a moral to this, if you happen to be an oyster.

More Disney zombies, next being Johnny Appleseed, who dies simply of old age in the somewhat obscure Melody Time package film. I thought that Lucifer from Cinderella was the next one to go, but a relative was nice enough to inform me that he's alive in well in the straight to video sequels.

Before Melody Time, Disney made The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, and I was considering zombifying Ichabod. But at the end, after the Headless Horseman supposedly "got 'em," it said there was a rumor that he ran off to another town and is married with kids. In the end, I decided that if the movie itself says that's it's questionable if someone died, then I'll just leave it be.

Next in line are the curious oysters from The Walrus and the Carpenter segment in Alice in Wonderland. I didn't do any particular gimmick with them as far as referencing them to their death, because technically there would be no remains to zombify if they were consumed by a Walrus.

Unless there were some reanimated Walrus feces. But the mental image I got from typing that last sentence is bad enough.

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