Monday, September 19, 2011

Juliet Vs. Fenix

I guess compared to other chainsaw wielders, it's kinda nice to be pinned down by Juliet.

Well, I've finally got to a point on this project that I've been working on for several weeks that's actually worth showing. What we have is Juliet Starling from the upcoming game Lollipop Chainsaw winning a chainsaw duel against Gears of War's Marcus Fenix.

It's taking forever for me to draw because 1) I've been busier than usual due to taking my old job at the bowling alley back and having a couple of interviews from prospective jobs, and 2) It took quite a while to flesh out the weapons and Fenix's suit, as is usually the case when drawing things that are mechanical and/or have several layers of parts. I redrew Juliet's chainsaw in particular three times, realizing the third version wasn't as good as I thought it'd be and going back to the second version, thus losing about four hours worth of work. But this still has been fun nonetheless.

You'll probably notice the lack of chains and blades on said chainsaws. I figured I shouldn't waste my time on that part yet since I'll have to make some sort of blur effect to make it look like the blades are spinning.

Though the line art, which I think (and hope) is the hardest part, is finished, I've still got a while to go with the painting and shading, and I don't even know that I'm gonna do with the background yet. It'll probably be pretty simple, whatever it ends up being.

...OH, I guess I can explain the parts in green. Those are areas where I don't want the eventual colors to have an outline, so they'll be a guide when I start coloring and will eventually be erased.

So, uh, to be continued.

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BrisiaCR said...

How awesome!!!, i want to show it in my page, i'll link to your site!!! :D