Monday, November 21, 2011

Disney World 2011 Begins

I think this is reason enough to see a therapist.

As the title and Tinker Bell fanboyism implies, we'll be leaving for our annual Disney World trip later this week. And also, like the past two years, I'll be tweeting and (attempt) making comics about it.

You'll almost certainly recognize this strips image from the already famous PS3 box art for Catherine. Everyone and their sister has parodied it, and I just figured I'd join the band wagon. That, and it gives me another excuse to draw Tink. I tried replacing the falling sheep of the original image with John Lasseter's head from the judgmental Disney nerd meme, and it was kinda funny, but his photographed, disembodied noggin clashed too much with the illustration.

Oh, and I gave Dad the Y U NO face. So I guess the lesson here is that I'm very unoriginal.

See you in Orlando!

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