Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Extra is for the "Magic"

Mmmm... magic.

YAY, I got a short burst of okay Internet connection on our resort's horrible, horrible wifi! So I can finally post this comic that I wanted to go up yesterday! Better late than never. This comic is particularly short, as I wanted to get most of it finished before we actually left home.

So yeah, we're in Florida right now. We went to Animal Kingdom yesterday, and tomorrow will be Hollywood Studios, the best Disney theme park they have, IMHO.

Coincidently, an occurrence similar to the comic came about after I made it. We paid for refillable souvenir cups that were about twenty bucks a pop that are only good at Disney resorts, none of which we're actually staying in, and of course, Disney only has Coke products (and we all like Pepsi). Regardless, we're happy with the purchase, cuz they're DISNEY refillable souvenir cups.

On a side note, my next Disney comic will be a bit more detailed than what I usually draw. That, along with the fact that I have little time to work on it (as we have some activity planned for nearly every day we're here) AND the fact that I might not get this chance again to stay online this long to post it, said comic might not be done and posted until I get back home. Or at least until we get to the motel on the drive back.

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