Monday, January 23, 2012

Bowling Lanes Frame

It would be ridiculously hard to get a strike with the pins set up like that.

Not much to look at in this post, but seeing as I went for several weeks during the holidays without posting, I'd feel bad skipping another week.

Anyway, I seemed to have become a graphic designer for the bowling alley I work at by accident. I was talking to one of my bosses about the promotion papers they occasionally make, and she said she makes them in Word and she hates it. So I asked if she'd want me to do them and she said, "Hells yeah!" So most of this week was spent working on a promotion for an upcoming tournament, which is kinda uninteresting (unless you're really into bowling tournament rules and regulations), so I didn't post it. Then I spent a little time working on this image, meant to be an all purpose frame for whatever kind of promotions the bosses want to print up. They use a really old photo copier to make prints, so that means whatever I make has to be black and white and fairly simple, as little details would be lost in the copies.

This promotions deal works for me, as it gives me more art stuff to do, and after a while I can put pin monkey and graphic designer under my work experience on my resume. But it also means that whatever I might be making for fun at the time will have to be put on hold if my bosses suddenly need something made, so updates to this blog might become irregular.

...Well, more irregular anway.

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