Monday, January 16, 2012

Samantha and Loid for Amanda

Silly Sammy, bows aren't for dudes!

You see, people? If you say nice things about my work, you're GUARANTEED to get a thank you drawing from me!*

Ages later, I finally put up a new post. Took me a while thanks to preparing for holidays (aka last minute Christmas shopping) and doing some art work for friends, including this one with Samantha, Loid, and Belle for fellow artist and Twitter friend Amanda. She always has kind words about about the stuff I post, including these characters I made for the Scary School universe. And believe me, with all the fan art I've made, it makes me ridiculously happy when someone says they like my original works.

I also drew some of her crafts in the image, including the awesome little figures she made of the Ghost Adventures crew. Go visit her devianART page so you can see more of her work.

*Not a guarantee.

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