Sunday, July 25, 2010


Not that kinda loid.

Yet another character from the Scary School pic. He's a friendly little monster boy that has the power to shape shift, and he usually does that by sorta multiplying parts of his body so they become big jumbled messes of whatever the body part is, like you see in the last two sketches. Think Akira, but more creepy and comedic than horrendously disturbing. Since doing that with his teeth and jaws is rather dangerous to those around him, he's been given a pacifier to... uh... pacify with.

He lives with Samantha, who considers him a younger brother, but in a way in which an only child who suddenly gets an adorable little boy to take care of would. So thus she spoils him rotten and he tends to like her more than the others in the group.

I also said in the notes that he likes to act like different animals but doesn't always necessarily turn into them, which I just thought might be cute and funny, seeing as he's a kid. Based on the life span of his particular species of monster, he's a toddler, but in human years, he's centuries old.

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