Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hawt Xmas Girl

What is it with dudes like me wanting to see cute girls in outfits normally worn by well known male characters?

Nothing new to post, as I've been doing more design stuff for my job that I talked about a couple of posts back. I also started taking lessons for Flash CS4 on I know Flash may be dying thanks to HTML5 and Apple insisting keeping it off of their iOS stuff, but it's the only animation capable app I already have, so there.

So to fill the gap, here's a hot girl dressed in a skimpy Santa outfit that's a couple of months late for Christmas. (Actually, it seems the little date I scrawled says '10, so it's a couple of years late.)

Hm... Probably shoulda made her Tinker Bell.

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Anthony O' Neill said...

I love your blog man, And you have great taste in comics and movies, I just thought it would be worth my time introducing myself because were into alot of the same stuff, I am a comic book illustrator you can check out some stuff here!

Thanks man!