Monday, April 2, 2012

Princess Tea

Tea for Princesses, not a tea themed Princess.
Here's what I've been working after my stint at jury duty. One of my bosses at the bowling alley asked me to do ticket and poster images for an upcoming Princess themed tea party, proceeds benefiting Relay for Life.

My dad did the tickets for said boss the year before last (he used to work at the bowling alley too), wherein he found images of Disney Princess dolls and Photoshopped the bodies out. I thought that was some sort of way of saying "put your face here," since the young girls that come are encouraged to dress as princesses, so at first I drew some of the Disney Princesses and put there bodies and silhouette to let the dresses stand out.

But then I talked to Dad about it, and he said the only reason he altered the doll images was so he wouldn't get sued by Disney. When I learned that was the case, I decided draw my own princess that are "Disney-esque," which you can see in the second page of sketches. There are two types of tickets: one for kids and one for adults, so for the parents I drew a fairy godmother.

Now I can cross out "Draw cute princesses and get paid for it" on my bucket list.

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