Monday, April 9, 2012

Princess Tea Color

Oh, but no Princes? I see how it is.

Here's the final versions of the Princesses and Fairy Godmother I made for this Princess Tea images I'm making for my boss at the bowling alley. I tried to pick colors that weren't used much on Disney Princesses, except for the yellow (which Belle wears). I was originally going to give that Princes a blue dress, but when I decided to give her darker skin, for the sake of being politically correct, she looked a little too much like Tiana in her princess costume early on in the Princess in the Frog. As for shading, I would of have done more complex renderings as I've done in other works, but by the time my boss okayed the drawings and gave me all the information needed, she said, "Oh, and I need these yesterday," so I did simple cel type shading so I could get them to her quicker.

Now that this is done, I guess gotta go back to doin' more masculine drawings. I mean, of course, a dude like me would have to be crazy to want to keep doing girly drawings.


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