Monday, August 27, 2012

David Redesign

He could some cucumber slices for those eyes.

I spent the last couple of weeks changing David's look. I originally had him in a straight jacket to get the idea across that he's a rather nutty guy who acts on impulse, but I ultimately decided that the look separated him too much from the rest of the group. Like the others, he's a high school kid from the same school (or at least he was when he died), so I gave him a school uniform. But, he's been dead for a while, so I wanted his uniform to be of a different design to show that he's from a generation or two ago. As for him being a bit crazy, I figured his actions would get that across.

You can also see from the eraser marks in the turnaround that I was figuring out how tall he should be. At first he was as tall as Reason, but if I want Reason to be tall for his age, I better make sure he's at least the tallest of the group of main characters. So I made David half a head shorter.

I also drew him in various expressions, which was rather fun since he's a lot more comical and exaggerated than the rest of the main characters. I want him to be like Spongebob Squarepants in that the design of the face can change drastically for the sake of making a funny image.

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