Monday, August 13, 2012

Samantha Turnaround and Reason Hair Redesign

Her curlers must be huge.

Continuing refining these characters in preparation of a (hopefully) future comic. 

First I did a turnaround of Reason's new hair style. I decided to avoid doing the Flinstones flip, where the part in the hair will suddenly change sides depending where the character's facing.

Then most of this week's work was spent on Samantha's hair. I've always liked her hair, it's almost like a bonnet made of circles, or a real cutesy lion's mane, but I never drew it outside of a three quarter and head on view. I also had to create a process to make sure I draw her hair consistently, as her do is the most complicated out of all these characters. I ended up with a method similar to drawing Lisa Simpson's hair, just replace the spikes with circles.

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